Access Control

When you want to feel more secure and safe in your home or business, our team at Picture Perfect Technologies offers residential and commercial access control systems. These systems can enhance your company's safety and boost building security. Our experienced and trustworthy installers take the time to explain our processes to you and will show you how each piece of equipment works to build a safe and secure environment for you, your family, employees and guests.

  • Door Entry Control
  • Key Fob Readers
  • Mobile Credentials
  • Gates

Our access control services can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that nobody can get into your building or house when you do not want them to. To get started on the installation of an access control system for your home or business, call us at Picture Perfect Technologies today!

Secure Door Entry

Part of our access control systems include secure door entry. There may be times when you want only certain people to have access to your building or home such as the cleaning crew while you are gone or your business is closed. Our secure door entry systems allow you to manage who can enter and at what times. This is accomplished with the use of electronic cards, codes and fobs.

You provide the data for access, and we do all of the programming and creation of the cards. If you need to disable access for safety or security reasons, it can be done instantly.

  • Easy card management: revise privileges for staff and contractors
  • One credential: grant users access to multiple sites with one credential
  • Report generation: track the movements of all users with history reports

Contact us for more information about secure door entry.

Conference Rooms

Enhance your business meeting with the latest technologies in your conference room. We seamlessly integrate the various systems of an automated conference room, from projectors to lighting to audio/video and overall control of the entire integrated system. An automation system makes it possible for your sales or board meeting to work together: lighting, phone system, video sources, display devices and audio systems.

  • Large & Small Format Projection
  • Large Format Touchscreen Displays
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Multi-Format Custom Table Boxes
  • Completely Hidden Solutions
  • Simple System Control

Enable your employees to perform at their best with a single ease-to-use touch device to control the room for multi-media presentations, telepresence or video conferencing.

Digital Signage

Digital Signs are helping companies and organizations communicate key information to their customers at the right place and time. Whether it is in an airport lounge or a downtown restaurant, digital signs are able to capture your audience's attention and deliver the appropriate message. We offer single room, facility wide and multi-site solutions.

Our services include:

  • Installation of the display and support hardware
  • Installation of the wiring / cabling / WiFi network technology
  • Implementation of your video
  • Support of the installation

Digital Signage informs and motivates your audience. Put our proven, industry expertise to work for you. Let us show you all the options.

Restaurants | Bars

Restaurants and Bars demand a mature and advanced installation approach. We know how to install televisions and wiring that meet and exceed state and federal code requirements. One of the major issues confronting a restaurant or bar owner is that so many busy employees will be operating the audio, video and lighting settings. Our control solution from Elan was engineered to be - as one of our customer's put it - "ridiculously simple." We specify products that are specifically engineered to deliver ease-of-use for high use, commercial environments:

  • Large Flat Panel Installations
  • Multi Speaker Sound Systems
  • Audio-Video-Lighting Control Solutions
  • Background Music / Paging System

Let us show you how your employees can be in complete control - so your customers are very pleased.


Picture Perfect Technologies is a proven provider in meeting the unique audio and video requirements of healthcare environments. We offer a wide range of healthcare solutions that can help facilities improve performance and streamline care delivery.

Our services include:

  • Sound Masking
  • Digital Signage
  • Access Control
  • Theater/Chapel Rooms
  • Waiting Rooms & Patient Rooms
  • Facility Wide Low Voltage Distribution

Picture Perfect Technologies has provided “best in class” audio video solutions for healthcare in the Champaign/Urbana area.

Sound Control

Commercial spaces often present challenges when it comes to acoustics. Acoustic treatments are valuable in restaurants, where hustle and bustle adds to the atmosphere – but too much noise detracts from the dining experience. In the corporate setting, the most common goal is to improve speech intelligibility. When done well, acoustic treatments can make the space look better and sound better at the same time.

  • Conference and Board Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Bars, Restaurants and Night Clubs
  • Houses of Worship
  • Control or Studio Rooms

We specify commercial products specifically engineered to control, focus or diffuse room acoustics in commercial environments.

Picture Perfect Technologies offers sound control products, design and installation Services to help professionals optimize acoustics and aesthetics.

Training Rooms

Training rooms and the ease of use by multiple instructors with varying media has become a necessity in training rooms. Picture Perfect Technologies offer technical insight to enable informed buying decisions. Our AV consultants work with you to ensure that the key aspects of your AV requirements are defined and the appropriate technology solutions are identified.

Our services include:

  • Large Format Projection
  • Multi-Format Video Switching
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Multi-Format Custom Stage Boxes
  • Automated System Control

Picture Perfect Technologies has the capabilities to make your training room a productive learning environment for its trainers and students.

Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers require specific solutions. The properly specified and installed A/V solution for your fitness center will improve your member’s experience dramatically. With the correct A/V solution, your members will be able to clearly understand the aerobic instructor commands, while the motivation music playing.

  • Large Scale Flat Panel Installations
  • Fitness Grade Wireless Mic Systems
  • High Energy / High Output Music Systems
  • Background Music / Paging System
  • Facility Wide HD video distribution

We specify commercial products from Behringer, Shure and Sennheiser that are specifically engineered to deliver ease-of-use, performance, durability in these types of environments - 24/7.


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