Acurus SCORPION Amplifier

Acurus SCORPION Amplifier

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multi-zone amplifier with integrated pre-amp

audio in every room of the connected home  

The Acurus Scorpion is a compact, yet powerful multi-room audio solution for medium-to-large residential and light commercial installations. The Scorpion delivers clean, clear audio power to 8 stereo loudspeaker zones using 16 channels of high-efficiency, low-distortion audio amplification. Two additional stereo zones can be driven from internal pre-amplifiers for a total of 10 stereo zones. Any zone may be driven independently or from one of two global inputs. 

The Scorpion sets a new standard for ease of installation through both its web-based setup and its simple, intuitive, full-color touch-sensitive control panel. Zone audio parameters may be independently adjusted for varying speaker sensitivities, room sizes, stereo/mono configuration, and loudness. Volume may be controlled for each zone or as part of a volume group. Stereo zones may be assigned to individual trigger inputs or added to trigger input groups.


  • compact (2RU) provides highest power density per dollar
  • 8 powered stereo zones + 2 pre-amp zones
  • low-distortion discrete analog pre-amp stages
  • cascade multiple Scorpions when more than 10 zones are needed
  • un-bridged mode: 40Wx16 (8Ω)
  • bridged mode: 160Wx8 (8Ω)
  • simple mobile device control out-of-the-box
  • ethernet, RS-232, 12V trigger in and out